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UI UX design for websites & mobile apps

In today's competitive times, providing a good user experience (UX) either on your website or mobile application is of paramount importance. A smooth user experience needs an effective and accessible user interface (UI) – these being the key elements in creating a successful online business. With these elements in place, you can expect your company to increase the time spent on your website or mobile app, reduce the bounce rate and provide a comprehensively more exciting experience for your customers.At Unifocus, we help companies create and design elegant user experiences for websites, e–commerce sites, web applications and mobile apps through in–depth research and customized services. We produce the right UI UX design that a company needs taking into account the company's expectations and targets.

Whether creating a new website or app or upscaling an existing one, our experience and expertise in strategizing and creating websites, mobile app & web app development with exquisite UI and UX designs, have helped over a hundred companies, products and services achieve success. We have worked with startups as well as established companies to help them create their niche identity on the web through unique designs and exciting user experiences. We focus on understanding the unique value that your website or app offers and our team of experts then works on creating an effective strategy, designing enriching experiences and ultimately converting it into a breathtaking design.

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Website design & development

At Unifocus, one of our key strengths is being able to create unique interfaces and experiences across the digital spectrum. We design web experiences for all platforms such as desktops, mobiles and tablets using cutting edge graphics and technologies while incorporating the latest UI–UX design trends. In an age where there web design and development companies are commonplace, we believe in being a web design and development company with a difference.

Our service offerings vary from creating simple business websites to complex e–commerce web or mobile portals, and even web or mobile applications. So far, we have excelled at producing quality websites and applications that are responsive, easy to navigate and provide a great user experience(UX) and user interface(UI) design, offering great value to our customers. Our multi–dimensional web design and development services team has garnered rave reviews for top–notch quality in developing responsive websites that are creative, functional and unique amongst the competition. Using expertise gathered over years of helping companies stand out from their competitors in the marketplace, we can give you the edge that your company needs.

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Responsive website conversion

Responsive web design is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today's times as the amount of mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of all internet traffic. Web pages now need to be flexible, fluid and elastic so that it can give the viewer a seamless and immersive experience irrespective of whether the page is viewed on a computer, mobile device or a tablet. Responsive website development is one of our key focus areas and our core competency lies in providing a seamless web browsing experience across a range of devices.

Unifocus is well–equipped with the latest, cutting–edge advancements in technology and UI UX design and web development strategies. Our web design and development team works seamlessly across a variety of digital environments to create exceptionally good looking websites and mobile sites that adapt to devices based on screen size, platform and orientation. We design websites giving precedence to user convenience, having tracked views and movements across web pages. This allows us to induce more interactions from visitors, leading to higher conversion rates and bringing ever increasing prospects for your company.

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User experience enhancement

Much of the focus of digital marketing is on increasing leads and revenue, and not enough thought is given to enhancing the user experience. Improving the interface can produce as many results as any other forms of digital marketing or digital advertising. A poor UX usually leads to poor rates of conversion. We believe in creating websites that rank high on usability in order to increase their conversion rate and to ensure that visitors don't bounce off.

At Unifocus, increasing the usability of a website or application and enhancing the UX forms the core of our focus. This gives your company a larger customer base and also increases customer retention. These factors are key to achieving a high conversion rate and improving brand loyalty. We achieve better usability through well–researched analytics such as heat maps and user interaction data. Our team specializes in the best UI UX design practices and employs cutting edge tools to understand the movement of traffic on your website. We enhance the UI through responsive web design, optimized content development and researching visitor interaction, thereby giving your customers an improved experience. From simple business websites to large e–commerce companies, we have enabled visitors to get what they really want to achieve after visiting your website.

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UI/UX for Mobile Apps

With mobile internet usage having surpassed desktop usage, it makes more sense than ever to invest in a digital presence on a mobile platform. Mobile websites offer that option, but not the convenience that comes with mobile apps. These apps can help your company maintain constant visibility, a direct digital marketing channel, improve customer engagement and loyalty among other such benefits. Mobile apps have become more popular than web apps and despite being a recent development, they are growing exponentially. This is where a well thought out and accessible UI/UX design can help your mobile app stand out from the competition.

We begin our process of UI UX design by first understanding the exact nature and purpose of an app. Our UI UX development team then proceeds with wireframing the app and iterating with the customer to produce the most optimal yet satisfying app design. Our team works on UI design, creating screens that are immersive and yet paying detailed attention to minute aspects such as color coding and minimalistic design. Understanding the visitors' experience helps in improving the app design and through testing and feedback, we evolve the kind of UI and UX that will leave your customers asking for more. This is one of our focus areas since the mobile app industry is set to experience a growth that few other niches will be able to match.

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