Lead Generation, Marketing & Design for PMCoE

Brand Design

PMCoE is a Project Management firm focussed on consulting, execution and training of technolgy projects. The logo we designed, uses a connected triangle representing the three verticals and the colours and how they're all connected to each other. The fonts and colours were chosen to represent stability, energy and steadfastness.

Organic Optimization

Our first task, as we saw it, was to optimize the content and keywords that were on the PMCoE website. We began the on-page optimization process by analyzing search strings related to terms such as 'Project Management' (which are central to the business that PMCoE are in) on Google's Keyword Planner. This keyword research helped us to filter out a lot of keywords that were already on the website; we were able to narrow down keywords that were relevant, had high search volume and yet, low competition which enabled us to minimize the costs of advertising.

We then had a round of discussion with the client, focusing on the new set of keywords that we had come up with. After this, the on-page optimization process was finally begun - this involved restructuring the content on the website with ‘optimal’ keyword density and subsequently writing relevant title tags, description tags and alt tags with these keywords for each page. We included a sitemap that was generated from sitemaps.xml, along with a robots.txt file to ensure that search engines effectively crawled all the pages of the website.

Off-page optimization

Following the on-page optimization described above, we shifted our focus to the off-page optimization process. We began by creating a Google local business page for the website which was followed up with writing and sharing articles on websites with high domain authority and getting backlinks from them.

After embedding Google Analytics, we submitted the website to Search Console for Google to begin the crawling process.

Within a few weeks, the PMCoE website started showing up on the second page and after we continued to add more backlinks, the website started showing up on Google's first page a few weeks later, as shown in the pic below.

Lead Generation using Adwords

PMCoE was about to get started with their classroom courses and the leads were required immedietly. The plan of using Google Adwords for this was mainly because it was quicker aPMCoE was (at that point) about to launch their classroom courses and were looking to generate leads as soon as possible. For this, we decided to invest in Google Adwords, mainly because it was quicker and more effective in generating leads as compared to traditional SEO processes.

Before we put any money into Google Adwords, PMCoE would need a strong landing page to capture all the leads that would soon be sent its way. A really simple strategy for this could have been to just use an existing landing page template from a free or paid template provider like Unbounce.com. However, we decided against this and instead, created a customized page so that the website could be integrated with multiple features (such as a payments page and opt-in forms) without spending too much. Below is a screenshot of the landing page along with the payment page.

In a bid to retain visitors who were about to exit the website, we added an exit form that would pop up every time a user was about to exit the landing page. On this little exit form, we asked visitors for a phone number in exchange for a free giveaway - a motivational lever for users to share their details. After creating the landing page, we began setting up an adwords campaign, analysing keywords and selecting relevant ones using keyword planner once again. After selecting relevant keywords, we used a mix of Broad, Phrase and Exact match keywords for running ads - these were optimized over time, based on their click through rates. Below, you can see a few of the keywords we used for running the ads.

Marketing Collateral

We designed various marketing collateral for PMCoE two of which are shown here. The first one is the brochure cover and the second a book cover.

Web Statistics