InsideOut’s premise is simple- Venture outside in the real, natural world and simultaneously learn about your own inner world. This meant creating a logo that’s simplistic, depicts nature and camaraderie with the element of travel in it. This led us to create the logo with the mountains in the background along with a couple clasping hands on a journey together which represents the co-founders of InsideOut.


Let's have a look at some of the campaigns we ran for InsideOut

Landing Page Optimization:
We worked extensively on the landing page to attract prospect customers, get them to engage with the content on the page and then convert the customer-which meant getting them to register for the trip or sign up for the email list. The page itself had an alluring home banner with an image depicting the cultural variety that Kerala as a location has to offer.

Further below was a write up about the location and what it has to offer. A comprehensive video detailing the different highlights of the trip was embedded to the right of the paragraph.

Next we added a personal touch- a small introduction to the company’s founder and co-founder along with a personalized picture of them to go along with it.

This was followed by a beautiful itinerary that comprehensively detailed everything that the customer would get to experience on each day of the trip.

2.The Ad Campaigns

We ran multiple ads across Instagram and Facebook. We then analyzed how they performed and continued to boost the best-performing ones.
Here are some insights into how the ads performed

The image was very rustic and compelling and used a green-themed background which added to the aesthetic of simplicity in the experience. InsideOut wanted to showcase that their trip was going to be a unique one- intimate experiences, beauty in untampered nature and more that truly captured the side of Kerala that InsideOut wanted to shine light on.

25,318 people were reached with this ad out of 38,297.
189 promotion clicks were received through this post.

Another great ad we ran was a video ad.

The video depicted Kerala in it's many forms and showed its unique culture. A mix of the many things one would get to experience on the trip. Everything from Kerala’s dance forms to its food and houseboats was shown in the video. The icing on the cake was the audio clip used for this ad. A beautiful and simplistic song that captured the viewer’s imagination and transported them to another land and time instantly.

Here are some of the numbers behind how the Ad performed:
The Ad got 193 clicks.
63,712 people were reached out of 124,341 impressions.

These numbers showed us what good marketing could do for promoting a travel event.

3.Email Marketing

We acquired emails from customers who showed interest in the trip and then proceeded to add them to our email list. Here’s a picture showing one of our excellently crafted emails explaining to them what they would get to experience in a short summary and then an embedded video that showed the details about the trip.

Here are some details about how the email performed

Our email open rate performed much better than the industry standard due to two reasons:
i) A compelling subject line comprising of quality ad copy
ii) Ensuring the quality of the customer was higher than the quantity- which means more
customers were engaged and interested in the details of the trip.

A very low bounce rate was observed and a good click rate was achieved. Overall a successful email marketing campaign.

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