Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is perhaps the most vital and yet the most incorrectly used technique to generate digital visibility. Effective search engine optimization (SEO) could mean the difference between turning up on the first page of a search engine and being invisible. At Unifocus, we aim to get the maximum advantage out of search engines by keeping ourselves updated with the latest advancements in ranking algorithms and best practices through the use of white hat techniques and effective SEO strategies so that your investment gives you the most ROI. Our team of SEO experts conduct an extensive data analysis of your business' target audience before coming up with an effective SEO strategy. We provide effective on–page and off–page optimization strategies for your website which are based on using keywords that have high volume search and yet, are not very competitive at the same time. This ensures that your website gets high visibility for your niche products or services thus exponentially increasing the number of prospective customers visiting your website.

Paid Advertisement

Pay per click (PPC) advertising and display advertisements form a core component of any online digital marketing campaign. Given the explosion in mobile and tablet sectors, display advertising has gained a lot of traction especially in these fields. While investing in online display marketing, many companies want to be prominent on the internet and search engine marketing (SEM) can provide that extra visibility. Unifocus adopts a targeted approach towards PPC advertising by carefully analyzing the requirements and demands of any company and thereby producing effective campaigns that ensure maximum returns on your advertising budget. We study a vast amount of data from extensive keyword analytics to offer the best bidding for pay per click campaigns. We design display ads in ways that strengthen your relationship with your customer base through innovative brand positioning. Our expert team produces creative banner designs, informative videos and images for display advertisements, and aims to target the maximum potential customers possible, all customized to fit within your budget.

Lead Generation

Social Media Marketing A large following on social media can widen the reach of your company and also engage a greater number of prospective clients. While there is no dearth of social media marketing companies and agencies, the internet is flush with examples of low–quality content and erratic social media marketing campaigns that don't impact business growth in any way. Without a well–devised strategy, all your investment in social media marketing can be lost in the slipstream of media. Unifocus understands the importance of a well thought out social media marketing strategy for you to get the most out of your investment. We create high–quality interactive posts on social media platforms in order to engage with a large number of prospective customers from your target group. Our social media marketing team tailors strategies as per the requirements of your company or product and thereby gets you the most bang for your buck. Our team will also help you maximize the returns from your existing social media platforms.

Social Media Strategy & Ads

With a plethora of options available for online advertising and digital marketing in today's times, it is essential for agencies and companies to invest in SEO, SEM, display advertising and social media marketing to ensure that they are up to par with their competitors. We focus on improving the conversion rates of your website by having a creative and responsive landing page, a simple and understandable flow of information through enhanced user experience, easily accessible call to action messages and improved site load time and integration with performance analysis tools among others. Some strategies implemented by us include analyzing big data, demographic analytics, keyword research, usability and UX analytics and testing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way of keeping your customers informed about developments such as upcoming products and services. With the right e-mail marketing strategy your company can expect a steady stream of customers who might not have otherwise been convinced to subscribe to your products or services. Our team of experts develop well written and interesting email marketing campaigns that engage customers with promotional offers, new launches or updates that might have been introduced. Our customised email marketing campaigns not only dispense information, but also focus on converting prospects into customers by ensuring that campaigns have a high open rate. Our email marketing strategies are tuned to ensure that your subscribed customers are informed about the latest promotions, offers and updates that are being introduced by your brand. We have years of experience creating high–performance email–campaigns, using the best bulk mailing service providers and making sure that your customers are updated with the latest your brand has to offer.

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