Organic Growth for Applied Wonder

Project Details

Applied Wonder is a creative design and advertising agency from Bangalore that creates and runs campaigns, advertisements and short films for social organizations and movements, socially inspired businesses and impassioned startups. Over the decade of their existence, they have given voice to remarkable brands, crafted impactful campaigns that have shaped policy, launched movements and products, directed hundreds of films that have informed and inspired and fashioned some of the most iconic behavior change campaigns.

One of the USPs of Applied Wonder is that they are behaviour change experts; they use a variety of frameworks to encourage people, and society as a whole, to change their behaviour for a socially responsible cause. We were tasked with generally improving Applied Wonder’s web presence - this included things like redesigning their website, restructuring their content and its presentation, improving their visibility on internet search engines and eventually, bringing them a lot more traffic and recognition.

Taking Applied Wonder to the first page of Google

One of our core tasks was to improve search engine visibility. Before we got started on this, we finished working on the minor tweaks that were required on the website. Once this was done, we were ready to start working on improving the search ranking.

It was quite obvious that generic keywords such as branding, design, social media were a rather congested space that would be difficult to compete in. Despite being a unconventional advertising agency, it would have been hard for Applied Wonder to stand out from the crowd with such search terms.

Therefore, we decided to target 'behavior change' as Applied Wonder’s USP and main keyword. Keywords related to 'behaviour change' were relatively few in number but the other agencies (competition) that operated in this space were niche and had a loyal customer base. Applied Wonder also was interested in being known globally as a 'behavior change agency' thus reinforcing our choice of keywords. We began working on gathering other category keywords such as 'agency', 'company' and location specific keywords such as India and Bangalore, to go along with 'behaviour change'. Most keywords and search terms we banked upon were low competition but also fairly low volume. Once we had rounded up the keywords we wanted to use to promote Applied Wonder, we allowed Google’s web crawling bot to work its wonder.

A few weeks later, Applied Wonder’s website started appearing on the first page of Google for search terms such as - 'Behavior Change Agency' (and other related keywords). Considering that Applied Wonder was going for global visibility rather than for just topping local searches, we worked on improving their search ranking from various locations across the world. Their first page ranking on Google was validated for different locations around the world using a VPN.

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