User Experience Design for Agilysis


Agilysis is a company that provides companies with Workday Staffing that satisfies their HR recruitment needs. Workday is a cloud-based financial and human capital management tool. Agilysis helps companies with their HR implementation and has a deep pool of consultants to depend on. This could be for a single resource or the outsourcing of a whole project. Agilisys is the company to go to when a company wants to maximize its investment in Workday


We created wireframes that gave a preview of the user flow and create the structural elements of the website. We used InVision app to help us with the process of solidifying use cases and giving us a low fidelity wireframe that created a strong foundational design for the next phase. All the structural elements were decided and user flow diagrams were created in this stage.

UX Design

We used tools provided in the Adobe Creative Suite to design the UX based on various parameters. Some of them include colours, sizes, typographies, icons and other design elements. The aesthetics of the page were designed here and finalized before moving on to the development stage.

Front-End Development

The website was designed to be responsive to adapt to any device that a user might use to access it. Frameworks like HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap were implemented to execute the development of the website. The Design created in the previous phase was implemented here to create the website as planned.

Here are some images showing how the website adapts to different devices:

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